Five (5) Account Books of Philo Hamlin, M.D. 1828-1874. Philo Ledgers. Medical. Hamlin, M. D.
Five (5) Account Books of Philo Hamlin, M.D. 1828-1874.
Archive Documenting Five Decades of a Medical Practice and Business Investments of a successful Physician in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Five (5) Account Books of Philo Hamlin, M.D. 1828-1874.

Mifflintown, Juniata, PA: 1828-1872. Item #862

Five volumes, four in folio, one in 4to format.  390 x 160 mm., [15 ½ x 6 ½ inches] and 310 x 190 mm., [12 ¾ x 7 ¾ inches].  Combined total of 1258 manuscript pages.  Written in ink, in generally legible hand.

(I)     Ledger.  1828 – 1840.  416 pp. plus and alphabetical index and eight scraps/receipts.

(II)  “Ledger A”., 1829 - 1841.  352pp., plus 20-page small notebook, 4" x 6”.

(III) “Ledger B”, 1836 - 1874.  190 pp. and alphabetical index, plus nine notes/receipts

(IV)  Ledger 1839 - 1846. 158 pp. plus receipts and letter describing illness of wife who is near term

(V)   Ledger 1846 - 1872. 108 pp. plus 5 scraps/receipts.

 Each ledger bound in contemporary marbled boards, rubbed but sound.

A large archive of account books of Philo Hamlin, a physician,  from the Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, area.  Hamlin had a long career, several hundred patients, and also appeared to have compounded and dispensed his own medicines.  A small notebook included with “Ledger A” shows the purchase of many medical compounds.  The accounts contain the patient's name, the date, some brief medical shorthand, and the charge. Prescribed medicines included cathartics, "Indian Panacea", syrups, emetics, and many instances of dressings and wound care.

 Philo Hamlin was born September 30, 1800 in Sharon, Connecticut, son of Darling and Elizabeth (Doty) Hamlin. Hamlin moved from Connecticut to Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, to study medicine with his uncle Ezra Doty. He later graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Philo Hamlin and Rebecca North were married in 1829 by John Hutchinson, Presbyterian pastor, in Mifflintown. He had five children by her and eight by his second wife, Martha Connor. He practiced medicine in Mifflintown for many years and died there January 28, 1879.

 What is interesting about this archive is that it contains information not only on Dr. Hamlin’s medical practice and his patients, but the businesses and people he invested his money in.  At the end of his career Dr. Hamlin was a wealthy man and person of reputation in this community.  For example on the last three pages appear to do with a business partnership with one "S.S. Cummings". This is probably Dr Sevarus/Severus Selin (name variously spelled, he is almost always listed with initials) Cummings (1815-1863). One page in Book 4 is headlined "The number of bushels of wheat I took from Mexican Mill in 1842". The last page shows divisions of profits between the two men. "Drs. Severus and Albert S. Cummings, came to Lewistown from Middleburg, Union County (now Snyder), about 1848. Severus practiced till his death by an accident, October 29, 1863." [ref: Ellis' History of Mifflin County]. It is unclear to us whether they were in joint medical practice or in the flour milling business together. There is also a small receipt in Book 5 from "Cuba Mills" signed by Jacob Tinker.

The last ledger has headlines of "mount Pleasant" indicating that Dr. Hamlin moved to or was practicing in Mount Pleasant Borough, located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.


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