(Reform of Charitable Institutions). Regio Ospizie di Caritá. Memoire Diverse

Torino: ca. 1760 - 1820. 4to. Manuscript on paper. Stitched in wrappers.

Contemporary archive covering sixty years, which documents the changes in laws, regulations, and rules governing the operation of alms houses, hospices, and other charitable institutions that care for the poor in Piedmont and the city of Turin. This region, one of the most progressive and reform minded in the Italy during the 18th century, witnessed a wholesale transformation of its charitable institutions during the reigns of Charles Emmanuel III and Victor Emmanuel I, Kings of Sardinia and Savoy and continued under the rule of Napoleon at the turn of the century. It was through these charitable institutions that the ruling class demonstrated their commitment to the poor and needy and at the same time maintaining their prerogatives as nobility.

Distribuzione delle Ore per le Figlie dell’Regio Ospizio di San Giuseppe. Mss. 4 pp. [ca. 1817].
Doseri del Fattore. Mss. 4 pp. N.d.
Accounts? per pane e carne . . . 1811, 1812, 1813. Mss.
List of names with amounts dispersed, arranged by month, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1813. Mss. 9 pp.
Stabilimento della Congregazione [with names dates, and a prose description of various establishments which contributed to the help of the poor.
Regolamento da osservarsi nell Ospizio di Caritá di S. Giuseppe della Cittá d’Alessandria. Broadside printed in Alessandria by Ignazio Vimercati, 1760.
La Sig.ra Madre sará obliga d’invigiare. Mss. 8 pp. (List of 16 reasons for taking care of the poor)
La Congregazione Primaria generalissima di Caritá in Torino Sedente. Torino, 1764. Broadside printed 2 sides. (Carlo Emmanuel’s regulations for organizing charity for the poor in Piedmont)
La Congregazione generale provincial di Caritá di Bassignana [Alexandria]. 7 copies of a broadside printed form outlining regulations for cities, with blank spaces for city name and localities. 4to, printed two sides. Ca. 1765, 1769.
Per l’esequimento degli ordini di S.M. pervenuti alla ??. Feb. 1770. Mss. 2 pp.
La Congregazione Primaria Generalissima di Caritá in Torino Sedente. Torino, Feb. 1770. Broadside printed 2 sides. 2 copies.
Vittorio Amedeo . . . la straordinie indigenze de poveri nella correnta annata . . . Torino 1773. Broadside. 3 copies.
Copia li lettera del Sig. Conte de Revello, Segreatrio della Congregazione generalissima di Caritá 1769. Mss. 2 pp.
Espone il Regio Ospizio di Caritá. 1776. Mss. 3 pp.
Copia: Regolamente de osservare nell Ospizio di Caritá. [Copy of regulations]. 1760 to 1812. 12 pp.
Promemoira de Regolamento per Ospizio. 1817. [written in double columns with corrections and addition.] Mss. 12 pp. Item #27

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