Item #1147 Collection of 18th Century Printed Broadsides.
Collection of 18th Century Printed Broadsides
Collection of 18th Century Printed Broadsides
Collection of 18th Century Printed Broadsides

Verona: Various Printers, 1758-86. Item #1147

Rare Series of Twenty-Four Festival Broadsides Celebrating the Accomplishments and Appointments of Members of the Dionisi Family of Verona During the Middle Years of the Eighteenth Century.  Including celebratory broadsides commemorating civil appointments, ordinations, taking of religious habits by the women of the family, retirements, and funerals for the Dionisi of Verona.

The format of the twenty-four  broadsides is folio, four are printed on silk and one in gold ink.  There is one duplicate in the collection.  Each is illustrated with a large, engraved cartouche at the top of the sheet and printer’s ornaments in the body of the text.  The quality of the paper is uniformly very good, and the condition of the collection is excellent.                                                                         

Gabriello Dionisi or Dionigi as it sometimes appears (1718-1808) was the patriarch of the family and Captain of the Guard for the Lago di Garda.  This was an important civil position responsible for protecting the cities along Lake Garda from potential conflicts coming from Austria in the north and the west from Milan and is celebrated in a number of broadsides in the collection.  His brother Giovan Francesco, a noted lawyer and judge in Verona in is feted in two examples in the collection.  Gabrielo’s daughters and nieces Cassandra, Maria Teresa, Origa and Maria Eleonaro are celebrated for entering the Convent of San Domenico and the Monastery of Maria the Virgin  One of the broadsides is dedicated to Monsignor Dionisio Dionisi and in another the Marchese Ottaviano Dionisi is recognized for his tenure as Captain of the Guard for Lake Garda.  Many of the poems are composed by Giovan Francesco Dionisi and others by Antiono Maroadi, Stefano Trimeloni, Gio. Battista Turazza, Gio. Battista Conte, Anton Maria Pedrotti, and Alessandro Bonifazio. 

This is a unique collection which documents the lives of the men and women of the Dionisi Family during the second half of the eighteenth century.  It provides an insight into manner in which noble families took responsibilities for their community and church, and celebrated individuals for their contributions to the society in which they lived.  Women are celebrated as mothers, novitiates, and leaders of convents and the men as soldiers, lawyers, poets, and priests.  As a collection this group of broadsides offers scholars significant access to a ruling family of Verona, one with a distinguished history.


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