Item #1088 Eleven Original Manuscript Sermons, 1800-1804. Sermons. Manuscript.
Introduction to the Theology of the Great Awakening

Eleven Original Manuscript Sermons, 1800-1804.

Item #1088

12mo.  165 x 100 mm., [6 ½ x 4 inches].Self-wraps, stitched. Each sermon in a uniform size, pagination various, and all apparently in the same neat hand. All have a caption title on the outer wrapper, and three or four different dates. The sermons were dated from their initial delivery (1800-1804), and then repeated at intervals (and so marked) over the years up to 1820. The group carefully preserved in a modern cloth clamshell box, with snap closure.

 1) [note at head of wrapper: "Sing Ps. 45- 2nd part of [illeg]."] On the Love of the Upright. Second Sermon on ye text. Augt. 3d, 1800; July 5th, 1805 Preparatory; Augt. 26th, 1810; June 18th, 1820. [56] pp.

2) [132nd Hymn]. On the Happiness of those who overcome their Spiritual Enemies. -- T.M. Novr. 4th, 1802 Preparitory; Novr. 3d, 1805 Communion F.M.; Dec. 15th, 1811; May 1st, 1817 Preparitory. [38] pp.

3) [88 Ps. 3d part L.M.] On the reasonableness & Necessity of attending to the Ordinances & means of Grace. March [3rd?], 1800; Augt. 26th, 1804; April 7th, 1811; Novr. 10th, 1816. [39] pp.

4) [Sing Psalm XIX, 5th part C.M.] On The Character of Ballam. May 17th, 1801- D.L.B.; June 28th, 1807 T.M.; May 9th, 1819 T.M. [46] pp.

5) [112 Ps.] On the Importance of a right Improvement of our Talents. Jany. 25th, 1801; Sept. 9th, 1804; March 6th, 1814. [44] pp.

6) [Sing Ps. 97th C.M.] Abraham's Desire & Joy to see Christs Day. Decr. 27th, 1801; Feby. 16th, 1806; Jany. 6th, 1822. [44] pp.

7) [119 Ps. 9th part D.D.] On the Necessity of Divine Illumination in Ordr. to a right understanding of the wonderful things contained in God's word. 2nd sermon. Jany. 19th, 1800; Jany. 15th, 1804; Jany. 14th, 1810; March 30th, 1817. [45] pp.

8) [Morning sing. B. Ser. sing CIV Hymn- C.M., conclude with 116th H.] On Saving Faith in Jesus Christ. June 24th, 1804; Sept. 2d, 1810 F.M. [46] pp.

9) 155 H.] On Christian hope &c. (1st Sermon). April 29th, 1802 preparitory; June 4th, 1807 Preparitory; October 30th, 1814. [46] pp.

10) [257 H. - 153 H. to conclude] On Christian Hope &c. A 2nd Sermon. June 3d, 1802 Preparitory; July 30th, 1807 Preparitory; October 30th, 1814. [31] pp.

11) [213 H. 214 H. 215 H.] Sober mindedness inculcated on Young Men. May 13th, 1804 F.M.; Feby. [?], 1810 F.M.; July [?], 1814 F.M. ["This has been transcribed."] [45] pp.

Likely these sermons were preached in New England, which was experiencing the Second Great Awakening (1790-1840) during this time. "In 1800 the 'Connecticut Evangelical Magazine' was founded to report and encourage the revival spirit. Then in 1801, just as it began to flag in the towns, it came to Yale to reward the earnest preaching of President Timothy Dwight. A third of the students (many of them destined for the ministry) were converted." [see: Sydney Ahlstrom's "A Religious History of the American People," (New Haven: 1973), p.416] Whether the unknown author of these sermons was one of his students we have been unable to determine.  Item #67567 JT/DSC (1088)


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